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      Business Plan
      Submit Your Plan

Too often, entrepreneurs submit lengthy, inflexible and expensive business plans that are packaged well but lack substance. In general, we want a concise overview of how you intend to build your company.

Describe your company, business goals, product or service concept, and positioning.

Introduce your team with full resumes including information on existing board members and advisors.
What are your hiring plans?

What product or service will your company offer?
What's different or unique about your offering?
What customer problem does it solve?
What is your sustainable competitive advantage?
Who are your current and future competitors, and how is your product better?

Market and Sales Strategy
Describe your customer and your target market.
What is the total market size?
What is your sales strategy and proposed sales channel?

Capital Needs and Existing Capital Structure
How much money will your company need?
Describe the existing ownership of the company.

Financial Projects
Provide current financial statements and proforma statements of cash flow, profit and loss, and balance sheets on a monthly basis for two years and annual projections for three additional years.

We treat all contacts with our firm as confidential. Due to the large number of business plans that North Coast reviews, we do not sign confidentiality agreements consistent with industry practice.